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Unlock your data with advanced analytics & visual data science to drive innovation in the energy sector

Advanced analytics for Energy

Integrated energy companies are looking to explore new opportunities to remain competitive in the evolving energy landscape. The Spotfire® visual data science platform makes smart people even smarter. It combines advanced analytics with energy-specific data connectors, visualizations, and customizable extensions to solve complex business problems.

Your visual data science platform for the energy industry

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Build a resilient upstream portfolio

Analyze production, reserves, and market dynamics to boost portfolio resilience. Adapt to challenging and changing market fluctuations and geopolitical risks—in real time. Take advantage of bringing disparate data sources together, clean and normalize data faster, and adopt best practices for better decision-making.

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Lower the carbon footprint of operations and products

Identify and analyze the Carbon Intensity (CI) key reporting metric to determine the actual carbon and climate performance. Act on data to drive decisions and support the development and validation of proactive strategies in addressing inefficiencies of energy production.

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Overcome barriers to digital innovation

Adopt the latest data science and advanced analytics tools to understand and improve products, operations, and customer experiences. Become a leader with the right platform to turn data into digital growth opportunities.

Customer stories

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Hunt Oil stays ahead of the curve with smart IoT drilling

18–24 hours to spot patterns in new data

With the help of the Spotfire Drilling Accelerator, Hunt's Smart IoT Drilling System uses the Spotfire platform to provide a single, real-time view of analyses.

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Hunt Oil stays ahead of the curve with smart IoT drilling

Gain faster business insight with Spotfire Accelerators

Intelligent Equipment Accelerator

Intelligent Equipment Accelerator

Capture and analyze sensor data in real-time from your IoT devices

Intuitive Mining Accelerator

IoT Completions Accelerator

Gathers real-time telemetry during well hydraulic fracturing activities and displays data on live dashboards

IoT Drilling Accelerator Spotfire demo screens

IoT Drilling Accelerator

Consume drill head data from oil rigs and share analytics with drilling engineers

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Enel optimizes costs and operations with Spotfire

Real-time streaming analytics across the platform

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S&P Global delivers data-driven customer value

80 percent time reduction for well attribute visualization and analysis

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Enertel prevents multi-million dollar mistakes

Enables smarter energy decisions with data analytics intelligence

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