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Powering innovation and insights while accelerating real-time energy, oil and gas, and utility transformation

Advanced analytics for energy, utilities, and oil and gas

With the rise of high-efficiency alternatives and a focus on environmental, social, and governance goals, the energy sector is changing rapidly. Spotfire’s real-time data discovery and visualization solutions empower the energy industry to tackle these complex, dynamic challenges.

Spotfire energy solutions deliver reliable data so energy companies can keep people and communities safe

Process control optimization icon

Process control optimization

Identify and respond to spikes and dips in energy consumption. Using a combination of IoT devices, historical data, and data science, energy companies can identify abnormal conditions in real time and raise alarms before events turn into critical issues.

Proactive intervention and response icon

Proactive intervention and response

Detect process issues immediately and predict undesirable states before they happen with real-time energy data. Create alerts within Spotfire so team members can respond proactively.

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Real-time safety management

Capture sensor data in real-time, visualizing it on dashboards and modeling future probabilities to enhance operational intelligence. Minimize your company’s risk exposure and avoid potential accidents by capturing key data from equipment and field personnel.

market engagement icon

Market engagement

Gain market insights by accessing 360-degree views of your customer’s consumption patterns, behavior, and trends. Improve your customer interactions through personalized marketing, fueled by data science, to target audiences for the best possible engagement.

supply chain resilience icon

Supply chain resilience

Aggregate and analyze data across the entire value chain to optimize processes, performance, and profit. Use predictive analytics to forecast demand and optimize routes.

resource utilization icon

Resource utilization

Improve yield, reduce costs, and minimize downtime with anomaly detection across the enterprise. Whether it’s a solar panel, transformer, oil well, or other equipment, you can use sensor data to track use and predict future maintenance.

Customer stories

Hunt oil company logo

Hunt Oil stays ahead of the curve with smart IoT drilling

18–24 hours to spot patterns in new data

With the help of the Spotfire Drilling Accelerator, Hunt's Smart IoT Drilling System uses the Spotfire platform to provide a single, real-time view of analyses.

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Hunt Oil stays ahead of the curve with smart IoT drilling

Gain faster business insight with Spotfire Accelerators

Intelligent Equipment Accelerator

Intelligent Equipment Accelerator

Capture and analyze sensor data in real-time from your IoT devices

Intuitive Mining Accelerator

Intuitive Mining Accelerator

Gain valuable “pit to port” metrics for resource organizations in the mining and minerals sector

IoT Drilling Accelerator Spotfire demo screens

IoT Drilling Accelerator

Consume drill head data from oil rigs and share analytics with drilling engineers

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Enel logo

Enel optimizes costs and operations with Spotfire

Real-time streaming analytics across the platform

S&P Global logo

S&P Global delivers data-driven customer value

80 percent time reduction for well attribute visualization and analysis

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Enertel prevents multi-million dollar mistakes

Enables smarter energy decisions with data analytics intelligence

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