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Reducing risk, avoiding mistakes, driving efficiency

Over the last 80 years, the oil and gas industry has evolved into a high-risk game. Today it's often funded by private investors and private equity with a high hurdle for returns. Whether drilling and completing (D&C) wells, purchasing assets, or trading energy equities, if a mistake is made, it can be a seven-figure mistake. Enertel provides tools, data-driven insights, and strategic advice for clients ranging from oil and gas companies and private equity lenders to hedge funds—making sure that assets are optimized, valuations are accurate, and, uncertainty is greatly reduced with predictive insights.

Reducing risk with modeling and workflows

Enertel implemented TIBCO Spotfire software to take disparate geospatial and drilling and production datasets and apply machine learning and other analytics to drive insight. The software enables the company to connect a variety of data sources and dive deeper to help make investable decisions. Spotfire analytics is the foundation for Enertel's custom-built tool for oil and gas, Quantum. Offering industry-leading engineering workflows coupled with advanced financial modeling, Quantum efficiently screens, evaluates, and models any upstream asset in minutes. It's the only oil & gas solution that enables full production and economic evaluation from a single well to an entire basin.

"We can integrate all other tools and really drive down to spark investable decisions very, very quickly for a lot of our clients," said Jonathan Henderson, chief analytics officer.

Spacing wells to avoid mistakes

Customers using Enertel's Quantum solution are making investment decisions: determining where and how to drill and how to complete the well. Leveraging Python and the TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R engine within Spotfire analytics, Enertel calculates well spacing from public oil and gas data points across a basin of over 30,000 wells. The company can see data trends for customers over time, which led to the discovery of a new approach to downspacing (drilling more wells in an area), which is preventing customers from making multi-million dollar drilling or investment mistakes.

Driving efficiency for investable decision-making

Additionally, Enertel's workflows take repeatable types of analyses, such as type curves, economic, financial, and production modeling, and automate them. What used to take days now takes minutes or seconds, so the organization is helping customers increase efficiencies and capitalize on capabilities far beyond the spreadsheet.

"Being able to follow that entire pipeline within one product is very, very useful," said Henderson. "One of the reasons why we rely on TIBCO as a platform is that we can plug into every component of data analysis and visualization, providing value to the boardroom down to the analyst that's doing the work."

Enertel reduces the uncertainty in O&G assets for its customers by providing visibility into various datasets for better insights and predictability for making the right investable decisions. Helping customer drive efficiency across their organizations is a core competency.


multi-million dollar mistakes

We can integrate all other tools and really drive down to spark investable decisions very, very quickly for a lot of our clients.

Jonathan Henderson
Chief Analytics Officer


Enertel helps oil and gas companies manage capital constraints by driving more efficient workflows and doing more with fewer resources.

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