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Enel Group transforms with Spotfire for the digital energy era

Sustainable business model, speed, optimized costs, and operations


A sustainable business model

The energy industry is currently experiencing a profound transformation, and the Enel Group (Endesa's parent company) is looking to lead by creating a more open, participatory, and digital energy era. It refers to this as the Open Power concept, which will open up energy to more people, new technologies, new ways of managing energy for consumers, and new uses of that energy.

"The rapid pace of change in the energy sector is unstoppable," said Ainhoa Ortiz del Río, head of integration and BPM manager. "We are convinced that digitalization is fundamental to developing a more sustainable business model focused on customers and their requirements."

With more than 30 internal and external systems built with assorted architectures and diverse technologies, Endesa needed a powerful way to integrate everything, monitor end-to-end processes, and create ad hoc reports to drive better business outcomes.


Complex systems simplified

TIBCO BusinessEvents® allows Endesa to predict the needs of its customers, make faster decisions, and take faster action. With a new monitoring technology enabled, Endesa can now understand exactly what is happening on its platform.

“We are using TIBCO BusinessEvents® streaming analytics to monitor end-to-end processes with a layer of complex event processing; and for analytics, we are using TIBCO Spotfire® analytics," said Ortiz del Río.

Using Spotfire®, Endesa can follow streaming analytics in its environment, make note of what is happening to a particular service, and solve any problems quickly.

"With Spotfire, we are exploring what's happening in our platform from top to bottom," said Ortiz del Río.

Endesa's platform is a layered architecture that integrates all its services. It selected TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Service Grid to integrate all services that were moved into AWS.


Single provider strategy

Endesa staff decided to go with TIBCO because they wanted a trusted provider with a diverse product family. TIBCO's products met all of their integration requirements and allowed for business process automation. Using TIBCO, Endesa is able to control business processes, make decisions in real time, and provide tools to fulfill technical and functional monitoring requirements.

"We wanted to have a single provider that could answer all our needs," said Ortiz del Río.

"Using image analytics, you can look at your field as a whole and then overlay the different data layers: soil, irrigation, fertilization, and say, 'All right. I understand my field now,'" says Lacy.

Faster time to market, optimized costs and operations

Cloud is a priority for Endesa today as 21 percent of companies are already using public cloud services, and 56 percent have plans to do so in the coming years, according to Ortiz del Río. Using TIBCO Spotfire for data visualization on AWS, Endesa gained capabilities for growth, including scalability, agility, flexibility, and Amazon CloudWatch features. Using the cloud also helps production, with faster time to market and optimized costs and operations.

"With a cloud solution, we gain operational excellence, improving quality, availability, and security. It's the only way to accelerate innovation, be aligned, and collaborate,” said Ortiz del Río.

Aligned with strategic plan

Working with TIBCO allowed Endesa to achieve its strategic plans for a new business line, e-Solutions, shifting the company from asset-based to service-based. The new e-Solutions line is gaining traction, and Endesa is positioned to capture an increasing number of opportunities. Providing solutions to customers as a way to become an energy-as-a-service provider, Endesa is driving its business forward with e-mobility, distributed generation and storage, and demand management.


In the next two years, Endesa plans to change some business processes and re-architect to make them more cloud-ready. This year, the company plans to deploy TIBCO Cloud API Management software and API creation, publication, security, monitoring, and analytics.

"We would like to keep improving our methodology to deploy processes and projects faster without losing quality, and we would like to start working with other cloud-ready products such as TIBCO FTL and TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition software."

900 services

Orchestrated and running on the platform

We are very happy with TIBCO Spotfire® because we are handling analysis from a perspective that is technical but also for business people. It's not only about IoT or infrastructure monitoring, it's also for monitoring our own platform from a business perspective.

Ainhoa Ortiz Del Río
Head of Integration and Bpm Manager

Endesa/Enel Group

Endesa, part of the Enel Group, is the largest Spanish multinational electric utility company with 10 million customers in Spain and another 10 million customers internationally. Domestically, it generates over 97,600 GWh from nuclear, fossil-fueled, hydroelectric, and renewable resource power plants annually

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