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Designed for users with 0 hours of experience with Spotfire

To help you get started, these videos provide an introduction to the Spotfire UI. After viewing this content, be sure to try Spotfire for yourself before moving on to Fundamentals.

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Designed for users with more than 5 hours of experience with Spotfire

Now that you've had an introduction to the basics of Spotfire, you are ready to move on to the Fundamentals. These resources will help you become self-sufficient with Spotfire tools.

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Active users

Designed for users with more than 10 hours of experience with Spotfire

These videos and resources are designed for specific tasks, curated to help meet your learning objectives.

Wrangle data

The data canvas enables data wrangling steps at any point of your analysis. Cleaning, structuring, adding, removing, and combining data is an integrated part of the exploratory visual analysis in Spotfire.

Design for others

Text areas transform analyses into dashboards, offering guidance and storytelling for audiences. With this flexible UI, you can add controls tied to properties to parametrize and build entire applications. No coding needed (unless you want to!).


Spotfire has an extensive API that lets you customize just about anything. Explore the resources here.

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Key concepts for the IT professional

Introduction to key concepts in the Spotfire platform, and information for the IT professional.

Office Hours with Dr. Spotfire

All your analytics and data science questions answered

Dr. Spotfire is a monthly, 30-minute live webinar to help users with day-to-day Spotfire skills. The program is hosted by Spotfire experts and topics include architecture, authentication, performance scalability, and more.

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