NUHS: Endeavour AI for healthcare analytics and predictions

A presentation from TAF 2023

In an eye-opening Spotfire® customer session, The National University Health System (NUHS) discusses its implementation of the Endeavor AI platform. This platform incorporates various technologies, including Spotfire® streaming analytics, to improve its hospital operations and patient care, using real-time data processing, monitoring, and advanced analytics.

NUHS Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Kee Yuan Ngiam, details the platform’s success in predicting and managing hospital bed availability while also improving overall patient outcomes and experiences.

Dive into advanced analytics in the healthcare sector and see how NUHS has increased disease screening, diagnostic performance, and operability in the videos below:

NUHS: Endeavour AI for healthcare analytics and predictions

AI in healthcare

Discover how the National University Health System (NUHS) has been implementing artificial, or augmented, intelligence for the past five years. In this video, you’ll learn how NUHS has been deploying AI to enable its doctors to perform at the highest quality and improve the efficiency of care.

Endeavour AI

Learn about the real-world analytics solution NUHS uses to streamline its workflow with Endeavour AI. In this video, you’ll dive into the tangible benefits NUHS has noticed with the help of Spotfire analytics at the administrative, clinical, research, and development levels.

Demo with Dr. Kee Yuan Ngiams

NUHS Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Kee Yuan Ngiam leads us through a detailed demo of the NLP-based analytics tool that runs in real time on Endeavour AI to predict a patient's estimated length of stay. Watch this video to learn more.

LLM and NLP in healthcare

Dive deep into how large language models and natural language processing are impacting and changing healthcare fundamentally. In this video, you’ll learn why LLMs and NLPs are revolutionizing how medical facilities and providers use AI for years to come.

Operationalize AI for Life Sciences with Spotfire® analytics