What is an analytics platform?

An analytics platform is a unified solution that combines technologies to meet enterprise needs across the end-to-end analytics lifecycle from data storage, data managementdata preparation, and other data analytics processes. This platform can be employed either on-premises or in the cloud.

Benefits of an analytics platform

There are many strategic benefits of investing in an analytics platform. To maximize the impact of analytics initiatives, companies are increasingly turning to analytics platforms to deploying and scaling analytics across the enterprise. Modern businesses are seeing a broadening of analytics use cases for analytics, requiring a comprehensive analytics platform to fully operationalize analytics into multiple business areas. 

By implementing an analytics platform, businesses are able to empower users to make data-driven decisions across teams and foster innovation. An analytics platform can help reduce time spent on data preparation, allow business users to uncover trustworthy insights in a self-service manner, and integrate data across the organization to speed up time to those insights.

Analytics platform diagram

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