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Data-centric digital banking and insurance solutions that create personalized customer journeys and optimized operations

Enable true data forecasting for more in-depth analysis

The banking and insurance industries are experiencing digital transformation like never before. With the rise of Fintech and Insurtech disruptors, your FSI organization has to remain agile to maintain market share. With Spotfire advanced analytics, you can stay ahead of the competition by personalizing and contextualizing offerings with data science, managing risk with fraud detection, and optimizing your business with enterprise-wide analytics.

Specialized financial solutions, powered by Spotfire

  • Create personalized customer experiences icon

    Create personalized customer experiences

    Financial services have great potential to act on customer data and provide one-to-one personalization in real time. Deliver targeted offers instantly to please customers at just the right time.

  • Reduce losses with dynamic pricing icon

    Reduce losses with dynamic pricing

    Spotfire uses the latest data science techniques, so you can adopt dynamic pricing strategies in less time. Reduce losses with greater underwriting insight and increase earned premiums by identifying profitable customers.

  • Optimize operations and reduce costs icon

    Optimize operations and reduce costs

    With Spotfire process mining capabilities, you can quickly visualize process inefficiencies and prioritize a list of changes—leading to optimized operations, reduced costs, improved enterprise collaboration, and demonstrated regulatory compliance.

  • Detect and prevent fraud in real time icon

    Detect and prevent fraud in real time

    React to threats faster with AI/ML models. Mitigate risk with anomaly detection and digital twins to prevent problems before they occur.

Customer stories

AA Ireland company logo

AA Ireland builds predictive models to empower and connect users

22% increase in revenues with price optimization, cross-sell, and fraud detection capabilities

With Spotfire pricing analytics, AA Ireland can put insights back into the hands of business users, empowering the business to perform advanced analytics with one click.

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AA Ireland builds predictive models to empower and connect users

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Dynamic pricing accelerator

Dynamic Pricing Guided Demo Walkthrough

This solution demonstrates how continuous learning can productionalize your machine learning applications in real-time using Spotfire.

Foreign exchange dealing accelerator

Risk and Fraud Guided Demo Walkthrough

This demonstration is useful in a variety of anomaly and fraud detection scenarios, and is illustrated here with credit card fraud.

Next best action accelerator

FP&A Expenses Explorer

Interactively explore cross-departmental expenses.

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