Increase customer satisfaction with demand forecasting

Utilize advanced analytics to enhance overall company knowledge by predicting demand, whether it stems from customer behavior or resource management

Seize opportunities using past and present knowledge to predict what might happen in the future. Whether you’re planning for a holiday rush or anticipating traffic, Spotfire® makes advanced, predictive analytics, easy and accessible for everyone right from the user interface.

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Forecast the future with Spotfire

Optimize energy infrastructure icon

Optimize energy infrastructure   

Manage energy demands on your infrastructure. With Spotfire, you can map where the most energy usage is occurring, predict oil well production, or even save costs by analyzing energy spikes. 

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Strategic retail success 

Predicting customer demand is crucial in retail. It can help efficiently manage the supply chain, assess future financial and logistical impacts, provide a better customer experience, and make a business more resilient.

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Preventing product shortages

Make sure you produce enough products to meet demand. Avoid product shortages that can disrupt the global supply chain by accurately managing stock and resources.

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Effortless asset tracking  

Better manage traffic flows and supply chain demands in real time. With Spotfire, you can track and trace your key assets across your infrastructure, from trains to planes, and optimize operations so there’s no delay.

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Making informed healthcare decisions 

Predict possible patient influxes, fluctuating disease rates, and vaccine needs. Gain key insights on patient health, hospital stays, and much more with Spotfire advanced analytics.

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Plan for sustainable growth 

Keep an eye on market trends to plan for surges in demand. Better manage crop production to meet growing needs and analyze agricultural data for wide-spread insights.

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SpotCoffee Demand Forecasting and Route Optimization

Increase revenue from product sales and reduce the costs of operations.

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