Understanding Spotfire® Mods: Unique visual insights

A presentation from TAF 2023

Spotfire® Mods empower you to develop new, impactful visualizations, extending the palette of visualization capabilities to all users. In this exciting video, you’ll learn what Mods are, how to benefit from using pre-built Mods, and how you can develop your very own Mod for unique cases.

Watch the full video below to discover industry-specific examples of how Mods can inspire analytics or select from the following short segments to quickly dive into what interests you most!

Spotfire Mods: Unique visual insights

What are Spotfire Mods and how to develop one

Gain a comprehensive introduction into what Spotfire® Mods are, how the visual analytics solution allows users to develop new, impactful visualizations, and how you can develop your very own Mod in this short segment.

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Grab and go Mods

Spotfire Mods are “grab and go,” no-code, custom visualizations that can be easily downloaded and added to a Spotfire library. In this segment, you’ll learn about the interactive, highly capable functions and possibilities unlocked with Mods.

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Visualization Mods

Learn more about the roles and responsibilities when interacting with Spotfire visualization Mods––starting with a developer, then onto a business analyst, and finally being used by a consumer to gain fresh insights.

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Narrative and analysis Mods

Discover the benefits of using an intelligent narrative Mod to bring natural language generation into your Spotfire® analysis. In this segment, you’ll view a real NLG demo from our partner, ARRIA, to see just how the dashboard delivers data insights.

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Conclusion and resources

Spotfire Mods are no-code visualizations that can be easily downloaded to your Spotfire library. With the ability to build your own or add to existing ones, these Mods are highly flexible, scalable, and powerful. For more Mods resources, watch this segment.

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Spotfire® Mods makes it easy for anyone to build, share, and use custom visualization apps.