Spotfire & AWS innovation as a force multiplier in high-tech manufacturing

Translating insights into action, every day

The manufacturing industry remains in a hypercompetitive global business environment with rapidly changing circumstances. Economic and geopolitical uncertainty, skilled labor shortages, and net-zero emission goals require the sector to deliver continuous product innovation and process improvements to stay ahead of the curve. To achieve that and stay adaptable, manufacturers must progress from a reactive problem-solving culture to a proactive, predictive one.

Spotfire® analytics closes the gap between insight and action by equipping operational leaders with powerful visual data science and AI exactly where and when they need it. By supporting the analysis of data at-rest and in-motion, Spotfire supports the most data-intensive use cases at scale.

In the whitepaper below, you will:

  • Explore how Spotfire creates value for manufacturers across all industry segments
  • Dive deeper into the manufacturing-specific solutions Spotfire offers
  • Learn how using Spotfire with AWS enables you to speed up time to market while saving costs
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