Spotfire & AWS: Immersive analytics, tailor-made for oil and gas

Revolutionizing actionable insights with a powerful partnership

Companies in the oil and gas industry must navigate an increasingly complex and fast-paced environment. Changes such as regulatory pressures, customer expectations, and a heightened efficiency focus affect all segments of the industry and require them to change the way they do business. So what’s the deciding factor to outperform competitors and create a sustainable competitive advantage? The ability to leverage your data.

Spotfire® analytics combines advanced analytics and AI-infused visualizations and equips you and your team with pre-built, customizable apps designed specifically for the oil and gas industry. Bring together data from a variety of sources as well as streaming and historical data to gain real-time intelligence and make better decisions on every level.

In the e-book below, you will:

  • Dive deeper into the value Spotfire creates for its oil and gas customers
  • Explore unique capabilities, such as geoanalytics
  • Learn how Spotfire users benefit from our powerful partnership with AWS
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