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Scale and democratize data science across your enterprise with Spotfire® Statistica 

Data science is a team sport. Data scientists, citizen data scientists, data engineers, business users, and developers need flexible and extensible tools that promote collaboration, automation, and reuse of analytic workflows. But algorithms are only one piece of the advanced analytic puzzle.

To deliver predictive insights, companies need to increase focus on the deployment, management, and monitoring of analytic models. Smart businesses rely on platforms that support the end-to-end analytics lifecycle while providing enterprise security and governance.

Turn predictive findings into optimal outcomes


Capabilities include full spectrum analytics and ML for real world problems

From data prep to model building to deployment and monitoring, Statistica software allows organizations to automate the mundane and create business solutions fueled by machine learning (ML) algorithms that solve real world problems. Jumpstart your app development with pre-built templates.

Develop end-to-end AI solutions


A low-code interface makes for easy collaboration 

Harness the creativity of the entire team, from citizens to experts. Maintain transparency, security, version control, and auditability. Combine intuitive low-code workflows, embedded open-source integrations, and an enterprise-wide governance framework to make creating and sharing reusable modules easy. Run workflows from Spotfire® analytics to bring ML, data, processes, and people together to create operational solutions.

Enable data science for everyone


Open, flexible, and extensible analytics pipelines that can seamlessly integrate

Cloud services, frameworks, and open source technologies like Python and R can be complex and overwhelming. Spotfire Statistica software simplifies data science and ML across hybrid ecosystems. Orchestrate the complexity of open source and create innovative solutions.

Simplify complexity and speed innovation


Model comparison with champion-challenger testing

Many organizations struggle to deploy analytics into production environments. As data drifts and models decay, being able to monitor, retrain, remodel, and automatically deploy new analytic models at the edge or directly within business systems lets you understand and act on trustworthy results.

Operationalize data science and ML pipelines

Customer stories

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Hemlock Semiconductor optimizes energy costs with data science

$300K savings per month in electricity consumption via analytic-driven asset utilization

HSC initiated a peak power management program and leveraged Spotfire to visualize and optimize its performance. Peak power management runs more assets during off-peak hours, lowering the company’s demand on the electric grid when consumption is the highest. This program better manages total power demand, while decreasing energy costs.

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