TIBCO Offers New, Highly Immersive Analytics to Scale Data Science Across the Organization

New Features in the TIBCO Data Management and Analytics Portfolio Drive Action with Cloud-Ready, Real-Time Apps

Santa Clara, CA, 15 March, 2023 - TIBCO, a global leader in data connectivity, management, and analytics, empowers the world’s most innovative enterprises to solve their complex data challenges and make mission-critical business decisions with greater confidence and impact. Today, TIBCO announced a series of enhancements to its analytics suite, delivering immersive, smart, and real-time analytics that empower customers to take action and benefit from faster, smarter insights. Game-changing updates to TIBCO Spotfire® and other scalable analytics solutions close the gap between insight and action, building on existing capabilities to accelerate time-to-decision and lower operations costs.

“Companies successful with digital programs use solutions that simplify data management and accelerate the analytics lifecycle,” said Matt Quinn, general manager, TIBCO, a business unit of Cloud Software Group. “Recent updates to our analytics products feature developer-friendly frameworks, a simple business user experience and a scalable deployment architecture. With these robust capabilities, we enable customers to identify insights and take actions in real time, resulting in rapid ROI across their digital journey.”

The TIBCO® Data Management and Analytics portfolios deliver a seamless experience, bringing together visual analytics, data management, streaming, and data science capabilities that drive better business outcomes for users. Key enhancements to TIBCO’s analytics solutions further support customers in their digital journeys, with updates made to the following offerings:

  • TIBCO Spotfire® 12.2 now offers a scalable, self-service analytics platform with built-in governance that drives actions for human and automated decisions. TIBCO Spotfire® Cloud Actions empowers users to trigger actions and transactional workflows from within Spotfire®. Secure interplay with TIBCO Cloud™ Integration bridges the gap between insight and decision with a no code / low code solution for taking action in cloud or on-premises applications. This ensures that follow-on tasks are performed, collaboration is streamlined, and insights are acted upon in a timely manner. Spotfire Cloud Actions enables users to take action across more than 2,000 operational systems, spanning top enterprise business applications and databases. Together with visualizations from Data Functions and Mods for Spotfire, developers and business analysts drive insights and enable consumers to run their businesses digitally. TIBCO Community provides hands-on enablement, along with galleries of pre-built Mods visualizations, Data Functions, and Cloud Action grab-and-go templates, offering simple, point-click deployment. In addition, the Spotfire application’s new native TIBCO® ModelOps capabilities deliver AI model management, allowing for real-time, data-science predictions. Spotfire deployments are now managed natively in the cloud, enabling customers to auto-scale and containerize services, reduce the cost of ownership, and improve user experience of IT and systems staff.
  • TIBCO® Streaming, now with dynamic learning, analyzes streaming data to automate data management and analytics calculations on real-time events, merging historical and streaming data as part of the same analysis. Automating analysis from streaming data sources in real time enables business intelligence to expand into low-latency operational use cases, such as IoT and edge sensors, with the Spotfire serving as a decision and control hub. Ultimately, this makes both human-in-the-loop monitoring and continuously automated decisions more efficient.
  • TIBCO® Data Science – Team Studio supports TIBCO’s mission to democratize data science at-scale, with an end-to-end lifecycle – from data access, preparation, and feature engineering, to model training, management, inference, and operations deployment. Updates include a new Apache Spark 3 workflow engine and TIBCO® Data Virtualization for data management, with computations distributed in-cluster and in-database. A new operator framework merges core and custom operators, enabling workflows to execute as a single Spark application, improving performance. This also enables rapid updates to industry workflows, including wide data analysis in high tech manufacturing. Updates also offer more interoperability with TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Data Virtualization, allowing users to control Team Studio data prep, feature engineering, training, and inference at scale, within the easy-to-use Spotfire user interface. End user applications can train models, make predictions, summarize data, and apply data science techniques, in context of the business problem at hand.

“Based on edge-AI models, Autostrade per l'Italia Traveling Control Center identifies potential intervention situations on our highway infrastructure, with real-time visual analytics and surveillance," said Ruben Ganzaroli, group chief data officer, Autostrade per l'Italia. "We use a combination of TIBCO Spotfire, TIBCO Data Science – Team Studio, TIBCO Streaming, and TIBCO Data Virtualization for these critical sense-and-respond capabilities, enabling us to quickly react to the ever-changing usage and patterns of 24x7 life on our highways in Italy.”

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