TIBCO Honors Customer Excellence with the Annual Lighthouse Awards

Power of Digital Connections and Data Innovation Central to Award Winners’ Success

Palo Alto, CA, 17 October, 2022 - TIBCO, a global leader in enterprise data, empowers its customers to connect, unify, and confidently predict business outcomes, solving the world’s most complex data-driven challenges. Today, TIBCO announced the winners of its annual TIBCO Lighthouse Awards, recognizing exceptional leadership and innovation amongst TIBCO customers who successfully unlock the power of data in today’s modernized and digital world.

“The number of connections between people, ideas, and technology continues to increase. This creates volumes of data that, if used effectively, have a profound impact on the people around us, the organizations we work for, and the world as we know it,” said Matt Quinn, general manager, TIBCO, a business unit of Cloud Software Group. “The winners of this year’s Lighthouse Awards are data pioneers in a world of digitally connected networks, showcasing the transformative possibilities of data through their success and innovation.”

Everyone. Everywhere. Award

Autostrade per l’Italia, winner of the Everyone. Everywhere. Lighthouse Award, is one of Europe’s leading companies for integrated smart mobility management. To gain better access to complete and trusted data, Autostrade per l’Italia deployed TIBCO solutions, using simple construction dashboards based on traffic data going back more than 10 years. This is a key foundation for artificial intelligence algorithms. Results included digital twins for every tunnel and bridge, a risk index for all traffic and highways, and snapshots for every 250 meters of road. With dashboards powered by TIBCO relaying information, Autostrade per l’Italia can prevent large road interruptions, such as maintenance activities that conflict with peak traffic times. New dashboards increased accuracy in estimating traffic backups by 97.5 percent, easily displaying more than 300 key performance indicators, and reduced traffic chart creation from hours to minutes.

Business Reinvention Award

Safaricom, winner of the Business Reinvention Lighthouse Award, is the largest telecom provider in Kenya and one of the most profitable companies in the East and Central Africa region. To become a "purpose-led, customer-obsessed, technology company" by 2025, Safaricom needed to migrate from legacy platforms to cloud-native and API-led integration. Using TIBCO solutions, it created new business models and accelerated business initiatives, improving Safaricom’s pioneering mobile banking app, M-PESA, which handles more than $200 billion in transactions annually. By implementing 200 APIs on its common service model, Safaricom adopted best practices for integration and reusability – replacing its monolithic architecture with microservices and cloud-native APIs for enhanced billing services. With TIBCO's integration platform, Safaricom has reduced developer onboarding time by 80 percent and increased merchant registration by 20 percent.

Operational Excellence Award

A high-tech multinational company in the Netherlands won TIBCO’s Operational Excellence Lighthouse Award. Using TIBCO technology, the company is taking insight-driven decision making to the next level with advanced data models and financial metrics, providing integrated, quality, and timely insights that drive business value. The company created an application, built on TIBCO Spotfire®, to orchestrate its change process. These capabilities help it achieve worldwide standardized process management and reporting.

Social Impact Award

National University Health System (NUHS), winner of the Social Impact Lighthouse Award, is an academic health system in Singapore that operates several tertiary, acute and community hospitals, national specialty centers, primary care clinics and academic health sciences institutions. To better plan for Singapore’s long-term health strategies, NUHS leveraged TIBCO’s AI-based predictive and streaming capabilities. NUHS’s new platform, ENDEAVOUR AI, is a core system that houses multiple AI tools and technologies, including TIBCO technology for messaging, microservices, and other capabilities. ENDEAVOUR AI aggregates live data throughout the health system, read by TIBCO Spotfire, to display outcomes in a command center format. The platform relies on TIBCO to enable real-time execution of AI algorithms and output advisories to doctors and patients, eliminating manual processes, such as calling for appointments and gathering patient feedback. The productivity gains are not limited to patient care as institutional processes are similarly enhanced through the provision of live analytics. NUHS plans to operationalize as many as 150 distinct AI and automation tools as microservices on the new platform. Using AI, NUHS hopes to reduce chronic disease complications by 20 percent in five years within an initial population of 170,000.

Visionary Award

Norfolk Southern operates a customer-centric and operations-driven freight transportation network. Its dedicated team members deliver more than 6.7 million carloads annually, from agriculture to consumer goods, and it is the largest rail shipper of auto products and metals in North America. Through an initiative led by Norfolk Southern’s chief information officer, Fred Ehlers, the company unified its operation systems with central intelligence built into the core. By leveraging TIBCO solutions, the company has greater visibility into daily operations, providing more precise forecasting for its customers. Additionally, with real-time insights from Ehler’s team, Norfolk Southern is better positioned to respond and adapt to environmental challenges. With the help of these initiatives, the company reduced train idle time by 80 percent, lowered contractor costs, and increased train capacity. Ehlers’ team has also modernized its core systems through the capture of 17 lines of business, gaining 360-degree views of its assets and developing a mobile app for employees to more easily communicate with one another in the field.

TIBCO Legend Award

The City of Brampton is a public sector organization in the Greater Toronto Area that manages hundreds of applications and datasets critical to delivering services to its residents. Led by Gustavo Espinosa, a BI, MDM, DBA, and integration program manager, the organization turned to TIBCO analytics, master data, and data integration technology to help top-level management make timely and informed decisions with quality data – including fueling the city’s insights around COVID-19, transit, and improving residents’ satisfaction of city services by providing a wealth of information quickly and easily. Results include bylaw route optimization, fuel consumption reduction, and workforce optimization. The City’s Transit Smart Bus consistently meets service level agreements of two minutes, minimizing complaints and making travelers happier. With access to accurate, trusted data, officials efficiently deliver public services while dealing with continuous change. Espinosa’s leadership, and the impact his team is making, continues to fuel change for the organization, making the City of Brampton an even better place to live for all.

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