TIBCO 2022 Partner Excellence Award Winners Exemplify Commitment to Customer Success

Partner Awards Highlight Global Excellence Amongst Growing Channel Network

Palo Alto, CA, 20 September, 2022 - TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in enterprise data, empowers its customers to connect, unify, and confidently predict business outcomes, solving the world's most complex data-driven challenges. Today, TIBCO announced the winners of its 2022 Partner Excellence Awards, celebrating its partner ecosystem's ongoing commitment and success. The awards recognize partners who showcase their ability to develop, market and deliver advanced technology to their customers, as evidenced in growth in revenue, year-over-year growth, and their participation and contribution to TIBCO's demand generation and pipeline building programs.

"Our partners are the key to driving customer success, and every partner brings a unique set of attributes that assist our customers in delivering on digital transformation and harnessing their data as a competitive advantage," Tony Beller, senior vice president of worldwide partner ecosystems and OEM sales, TIBCO. "This year's winners show that through commitment and innovation, anything is possible. They understand that they only win at business when their clients succeed and continue to leverage the TIBCO partner team, resources, and systems at their disposal."

Enterprise Partner of the Year

HCL Technologies, serving leading enterprises across key industries, is the winner of the TIBCO Enterprise Partner of the Year award. A TIBCO Global Strategic partner for over 20 years and a previous Partner Excellence award winner, HCL collaborated with TIBCO to develop three solutions featured in the TIBCO Solution Showcase. These include the HCL Application Development Platform for TIBCO (ADePT) Framework, Data Hallmarking, and its Connected Vehicles, enabled by TIBCO. A highly engaged partner since 2020, HCL consistently generates within TIBCO's highest total annual contract value (ACV) year-on-year, with 100% growth in partner-sourced ACV in the past year.

SMB Sales Partner of the Year

Cadeon Inc., a data and information management service provider, is the SMB Sales Partner of the Year. A TIBCO Gold Partner, value-added reseller (VAR), and previous Partner Excellence award winner, Cadeon Inc. demonstrated a 231% increase in SMB sales and renewals. With its TIBCO Customer Experience (CEx) Accreditation, it collaborates with the TIBCO Professional Services Group. As a founding member of the TIBCO Partner Advisory Council and active partner program member, it promotes TIBCO through joint events, user group events, and the TIBCO Solution Showcase with its validated Cadeon Print Module for TIBCO Spotfire®. Cadeon Inc. is primarily focused on North America, but works with clients worldwide.

Global Partner of the Year

Accenture, a global professional services company, is the Global Partner of the Year. The company has over 1,000 certifications and 4,700 TIBCO skilled consultants. With a 16-year global strategic partnership and TIBCO CEx Accreditation, the companies collaborate on solutions including data access during migration, building virtual data lakes, streamlining hybrid application integration, visual analytics and data science from TIBCO, and building The Market Communications Hub, featured in the TIBCO Partner Solution Showcase. Accenture, a previous Partner Excellence Award winner, maintains a strong total contribution to TIBCO's business by developing and contributing advanced technology solutions that deliver exceptional value to our joint customers.

OEM Partner of the Year

Schlumberger, one of the world's leading providers of technology to the global energy industry, is the winner of the OEM Partner of the Year award. TIBCO and Schlumberger’s four-year partnership provides advanced analytics that, when coupled with Schlumberger’s access to knowledge, data, and vast expertise across global domains, enrich its cloud-based petrotechnical platforms and achieve faster, smarter decision making. The DELFI digital E&P platform is an open, secure, scalable, and fully managed SaaS-based subscription solution, seamlessly connecting people, data, and apps across exploration, development, drilling, and production. Enhancing customers’ abilities to drive operational performance, Schlumberger's investment, innovation, and proven success with TIBCO technologies underpins the achievement of this award.

Innovation Partner of the Year

Cognizant, a global professional services company and TIBCO Global Strategic Partner, is the Innovation Partner of the Year. The company helps clients modernize technology, reimagine processes, and transform experiences to stay ahead in a fast-changing world. Through its extensive practice in hybrid cloud integration, business process automation, and API management, Cognizant and TIBCO collaborate to serve clients who are the leaders of their industries across the globe. Cognizant leverages over 20 proprietary TIBCO accelerators and business solutions to address leading industry challenges. The SmartMigrator Framework, featured in the TIBCO Partner Solution Showcase, automates TIBCO BusinessWorks™ migration to cloud-native technology. With global skilled resources, capabilities across the TIBCO portfolio, TIBCO CEx Accreditation, and over 1,700 TIBCO certifications, Cognizant has one of the most matured TIBCO practices. The company has also been recognized with three Partner Excellence awards over the last five years and delivered 100% growth year-over-year in partner-sourced TIBCO business.

ISV Partner of the Year

Brytlyt, a rapidly growing ISV with a global vision, is the ISV Partner of the Year. The company developed an out-of-the-box solution that accelerates TIBCO Spotfire® visual data exploration. Its innovative GPU-powered back-end database integrates with existing legacy or spatial databases, enabling real-time TIBCO Spotfire visualizations and rapid ad hoc analysis of large datasets. Committed to driving mutual success with TIBCO, Brytlyt sets the benchmark for how ISV partners can leverage the TIBCO partner ecosystem and marketing resources. Brytlyt has forged relationships with TIBCO to drive leads and generated the most ISV partner-sourced and new logo opportunities over the past year.

New Logo Leader

Behaim IT Solutions (ITS), a TIBCO Gold Partner, is this year's New Logo Leader. The company has 17 years of TIBCO experience, a TIBCO CEx Accreditation, and is a former Partner Excellence award winner. The company partnered with TIBCO to close or influence several significant new logo license deals in energy and healthcare. And in telecommunications, Behaim ITS successfully positioned TIBCO as the leader in cloud-based integration. Overall, Behaim's new logo bookings grew by 100% and sourced bookings by 223%. Its geospatial adapter, featured in the TIBCO Partner Solution Showcase, connects geospatial data and TIBCO® Messaging solutions.

TIBCO Engagement Expert

Key Partner, an innovation-driven digital integrator and application management company, is the TIBCO Engagement Expert for the second year running. The company boasts a deep knowledge of TIBCO technology and continues to invest in co-marketing and demand generation campaigns. Key Partner has its TIBCO CEx Accreditation and has achieved nearly 1,000 certifications. Its ApiShare solution, featured in the TIBCO Partner Solution Showcase, is a business-oriented service that offers each client a high-level view of their API ecosystem and tools for governing infrastructure.

Asia Pacific and Japan Partner of the Year

Wipro, a technology services and consulting company, is the Asia Pacific and Japan Partner of the Year. Its Wipro FullStride Cloud Services practice is a TIBCO Global Strategic Partner with more than 700 TIBCO specialists and over 500 certifications. Wipro's Managed File Transfer-as-a-Service (MFTaaS) solution in the Partner Solution Showcase enables seamless integration across B2B partner systems and enterprise applications. In collaboration with TIBCO, Wipro also launched a second Solution Showcase, Automated Shelf Replenishment, which combines computer vision and TIBCO solutions to help retailers improve shelving efficiency.

Europe, Middle East, and Africa Partner of the Year

Apgar, a leading data advisory company supporting small and large global companies in their journey to build a foundation for trusted data, is the Europe, Middle East, and Africa Partner of the Year. A TIBCO Gold Partner and holder of the TIBCO CEx Accreditation, Apgar is committed to co-marketing and market development, collaborates with TIBCO sales and engineering teams internationally, participates in TIBCO communities, and leads in certifications on the TIBCO Unify platform. Apgar also has extensive experience with large TIBCO implementation projects. Apgar has two validated solutions featured in the Partner Solution Showcase. The Apgar MDM Finance platform enables financial services to govern, validate, and map between various data sources such as ERP and consolidation systems. The latest, Data Catalog, is a highly competitive data management and governance solution built on TIBCO technology. Year-over-year, Apgar reports that its total Annual Contract Value continues to grow.

Latin America Partner of the Year

AxxiS Consulting, a professional services company, is the Latin America Partner of the Year. With TIBCO, it closed one of the largest Total Contract Value deals in Latin America by demonstrating that TIBCO's products offer better technology, support, and reliability than open source alternatives. The AxxiS and TIBCO solution for this major utility integrates multiple data systems in real-time to support power distribution, billing, consumer provisioning, and better customer service.

North America Partner of the Year

Sage IT, a digital business transformation and optimization leader, is the North American Partner of the Year. The company grew the value of TIBCO's North American accounts by demonstrating that customers can seamlessly migrate to the cloud of their choice with TIBCO Cloud™ Integration and a Sage IT cloud migration accelerator featured on the Solution Showcase. Another Solution Showcase, SafFHIR™, is a Healthcare Interoperability acceleration framework built around the HL7 - FHIR standards. Sage IT, a TIBCO CEx Accreditation and previous Innovation award winner, grew its year-on-year ACV by 366%, with solid growth in partner-sourced business.

Federal Partner of the Year

Carahsoft Technology Corp., a master government aggregator working with TIBCO Federal to deliver solutions to federal, state, and local governments, is the Federal Partner of the Year. Carahsoft is instrumental in building demand gen activities, and expanding TIBCO's public sector pipeline via an integrated marketing plan including webinars, thought leadership content, and local events. In addition, Carahsoft helps TIBCO increase partner solution knowledge via training sessions, the results of which helped drive TIBCO Federal revenue over the past year.

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