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The Spotfire global partner ecosystem brings value and opportunities to our customers by delivering innovative solutions and providing expertise. If you’re looking for customized industry support or a location-based experience, a Spotfire partner might be the right solution for you.

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3K Technologies, LLC logo

3K Technologies, LLC

3K Technologies has been offering business intelligence (BI) and enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions to customers since 2002. Our unique combination of technical expertise and business acuity results in a more integrated, practical approach that delivers rapid and measurable results. 3K Technologies has worked with customers nationwide in providing solutions straddling the entire spectrum, from consulting to articulation to development, deployment, and support.

REGIONS: North America

INDUSTRIES: Finance, Health Care, Life Science, Government, Manufacturing

Amazon Web Services logo

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

REGIONS: Africa, Asia/Pacific Rim, Europe, Latin America & Caribbean, Middle East, North America

INDUSTRIES: Academic, Busines Services, Energy, Insurance, Finance, Life Science, Manufacturing, Retail, Software, Telecommunications, Transport & Logistics

Ansera d.o.o. logo

Ansera d.o.o.

Ansera helps its customers in their decision-making process, data integration, and analytics using Spotfire's agile and user-friendly solution. Working with clients from different industries–– manufacturing, retail, wholesale and logistic services, energy, and others––Ansera uses its management experience, within a wide array of industries, to improve both data and business.


INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Finance, Energy, Manufacturing, Retail

APGAR logo


APGAR is a leading Data Advisory consultancy company focused on supporting our clients to make the best use of their key data. From people awareness and organizational changes to technology enablement, we provide tailor-made solutions to support our customers throughout every step of their data journey.

REGIONS: Europe, Latin America & Caribbean, Middle East, North America

INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Finance, Insurance, Government, Energy, Manufactoring, Retail, Telecommunications, Consumer Package Goods

Apply Data Science logo

Apply Data Science

Apply Data Science uses mathematics to turn data into business value and drive digital innovation. With our team of data scientists, statisticians, scientists, and data architects, we successfully provide solutions, consulting, and training to a wide array of industries. Our experience includes but is not limited to manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, finance, marketing, retail, energy, and telco.


INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Health Care, Life Science, Manufacturing

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Axis Technologies logo

Axis Technologies

Axis Technologies is proud to be a Spotfire Partner, along with all Spotfire related products and services. Axis provides sales, support, and platform development for commercial and federal clients throughout the United States who are looking for optimization within digital transformation and cybersecurity management.

REGIONS: North America

INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Energy, Finance, Health Care, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics

AxxiS Soluciones S.A. de C.V logo

AxxiS Soluciones S.A. de C.V

AxxiS Consulting is a professional services company focused on providing business solutions that digitally transform, reduce costs, and optimize processes. Leading AxxiS customers are in industries that include, but are not limited to, the financial services, utilities, retail, and government industries.

REGIONS: Latin America & Caribbean

INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Finance, Goverment, Manufacturing, Software, Transportation & Logistics

Bahwan Cybertek logo

Bahwan Cybertek

Founded in 1999, Bahwan CyberTek is a global technology innovation company that delivers digital transformation to 20 countries across North America, the Middle East, East Africa, and Asia—through IP-led products, solutions, and novel outcome-based business models––and is the exclusive partner and sole distributor of Spotfire in the MENA, India, and Pakistan. This strategic partnership combines technology leadership, domain expertise, and complementary IP to deliver transformational value to customers.

REGIONS: Asia/Pacific Rim, Middle East

INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Energy, Finance,Government, Health Care, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Transportation & Logistics

Blue River Analytics logo

Blue River Analytics

At Blue River Analytics, we specialize in maximizing Spotfire's potential for exploration & production, midstream, banking, mineral, and private equity firms. Leveraging Spotfire's advanced analytics, we enhance data visualization, performance analysis, and profitability across the entire value chain. With expertise in Spotfire integration and utilization, we ensure swift success, backed by 150+ years of combined experience.

REGIONS: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America & Caribbean, North America

INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Energy, Manufacturing, Software

 Training available

Cadeon Inc. logo

Cadeon Inc.

Cadeon is the leading provider of data and information management services. We are a Spotfire VAR headquartered in Canada and specialize in innovative solutions that help businesses make data-driven decisions, recover lost revenue, and predict future business trends. To date, we've helped our clients discover over $300M in business as a result of our personalized, innovative, fast, and measurable approach.

REGIONS: North America

INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Energy, Health Care, Life Science, Manufacturing, Software, Transportation & Logistics

 Training available

Carahsoft Technology Corp logo

Carahsoft Technology Corp

Carahsoft Technology is a trusted government IT solutions provider supporting public sector organizations across federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as education and healthcare markets. As the master government aggregator for our vendor partners, we deliver solutions for cybersecurity, multi-cloud, DevSecOps, big data, artificial intelligence, open source, customer experience, and more.

REGIONS: North America

INDUSTRIES: Academic, Government, Health Care

CSPI, Inc. logo

CSPI, Inc.

CSPI is a major Spotfire partner based in Korea. CSPI provides customer support for enterprise application integration (EAI), business process management (BPM), and mobile operations manager (MOM) portals in the high-tech, banking, stock and securities, insurance, manufacturing, and retail industries.

REGIONS: Asia/Pacific Rim

INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, Software

 Training available

Data Shack logo

Data Shack

Data Shack is a group of sister companies comprising of Data Shack UK, Data Shack Africa-Middle East, Data Shack Asia, and Genware Computer Systems—with operations in Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia. We are trusted advisors in the digital transformation journeys of our customers, specializing in data science, visual analytics, BI, and data unification. We've provided services and solutions from industry leaders since the late 1990s––our current offerings include Spotfire, IoT solution sets from Dell EMC and its SI partners, and autonomous unmanned solutions driven by AI.

REGIONS: Africa, Asia/Pacific Rim, Europe, Middle East, North America

INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Finance, Energy, Health Care, Life Science, Manufacturing, Telecommunications

 Training available

Datalumen logo


Datalumen enables organizations to turn data into actionable information. We focus on servicing data-intensive clients in a number of verticals such as financial services, life sciences, utilities, telco, and supply chain. We have served many leading organizations in designing, developing, and executing projects to support business transformations, achieve regulatory compliance, and enable key business processes.


INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Energy, Finance, Insurance, Government, Health Care, Life Science, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics

Discngine logo


Discngine provides services and software solutions for the life science industry. Founded in 2004, Discngine's solution portfolio contains software for scientific data management, visualization, and decision-making processes. They are used by major pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and agricultural science research and development divisions along with Discngine's services.


INDUSTRIES: Health Care, Life Science

 Training available

Enertel logo


Enertel is a data and analytics firm that provides clients with unparalleled data-driven intelligence through software solutions, alternative datasets, and strategic advisory services. Enertel was cofounded by CIA clandestine officers, O&G veterans, and data analytical experts––as a result, we understand the criticality of data in decision-making. We help our clients reduce risk, increase efficiency, and improve returns through digital transformations, helping them leverage the latest in technology. Our clients include E&P, midstream, minerals, OFS, private equity, hedge funds, and banking.

REGIONS: North America

INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Energy

EPOZEN Co., Ltd. logo

EPOZEN Co., Ltd.

EPOZEN Co. is an IT services company that provides the best solution through insights and deep expertise in the system architecture of a customer. EPOZEN is a Spotfire partner that delivers the highest quality solution––especially to customers in the manufacturing, financial services, and government industries.

REGIONS: Asia/Pacific Rim

INDUSTRIES: Finance, Government, Manufacturing

Genware Computer Systems, Inc. logo

Genware Computer Systems, Inc.

At Genware Computer Systems, we work with our clients to implement solutions that deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. We are adaptive to your needs, will provide you with the tools and services required, and help you to develop and implement solutions that enable you to make better business decisions.

REGIONS: Europe, Latin America & Caribbean, North America

INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Energy, Finance, Insurance, Health Care, Life Science, Manufacturing

 Training available

Google LLC logo

Google LLC

Google is on a mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. With a Spotfire partnership, Google provides customers with universal search technology, which allows users to search and locate all different types of information, combined into just one query.

REGIONS: Africa, Asia/Pacific Rim, Europe, Latin America & Caribbean, Middle East, North America

INDUSTRIES: Academic, Busines Services, Energy, Insurance, Finance, Life Science, Manufacturing, Retail, Software, Telecommunications, Transport & Logistics

Innovata Analytics logo

Innovata Analytics

Innovata is a leader in providing data and analytics solutions for enterprises looking to make data-driven decisions and accelerate their digital transformation journey. Our team of analytics innovators and industry veterans combine strategy, execution, and optimization to help transform organizations into data-led powerhouses.

REGIONS: North America

INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Energy, Finance, Health Care, Insurance, Life Sciences, Logistics, Manufacturing

iSteer logo


iSteer provides enterprise business solutions to build next-generation organizations by empowering fresh ideas and a strategic perspective to every engagement. Our insights are backed up by a rigorous process of analysis and solution development in the areas of integration, data management, and digital transformations.

REGIONS: Asia/Pacific Rim

INDUSTRIES: Finance, Health Care, Life Science, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, Retail

ITnova S.A.S. logo

ITnova S.A.S.

ITnova is a professional consulting services company focused on ensuring that technology supports and strengthens our client's business processes. ITnova aims to achieve customer satisfaction by providing premium customer service to address and resolve the challenges organizations face at operational and strategic levels. The ITnova team consists of professionals with extensive experience in the management and supervision of technology projects as well as in the development and implementation of information systems.

REGIONS: Latin America & Caribbean

INDUSTRIES: Energy, Finance, Government, Manufacturing, Software, Telecommunications

iZeno Teknologi Indonesia logo

iZeno Teknologi Indonesia

Since 2003, iZeno has provided enterprises with custom-built technology solutions to keep their business running seamlessly. With operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines, as well as a team of 70+ in-house innovators, no project is too complex for us. We've implemented and optimized over 500 Enterprise Solutions to enable smarter insights. Our team draws on industry experiences in accomplishing a portfolio of mission-critical applications, integrating cloud, CRM, data analytics, and other leading technologies with our clients' existing IT frameworks.

REGIONS: Asia/Pacific Rim

INDUSTRIES: Finance, Government, Insurance, Manufacturing, Software, Telecommunications

Jems Group logo

Jems Group

Founded in 2002, JEMS is a consulting firm and pioneer of the 4.0 industry. With 500+ experts specialized in digital transformation through data analysis, enhancement, and management. The group has become a leader in the data life cycle, modelized by our unique 4D vision: Design Thinking, Data, DevOps, and Daigital. JEMS closely collaborates with some of the biggest companies in the CAC 40 across the finance, manufacturing, energy, retail, luxury, automobile, agriculture, and health sectors.


INDUSTRIES: Energy, Finance, Government, Healthcare, Life Science, Manufacturing, Software, Telecommmunications

Key Partner S.r.l. logo

Key Partner S.r.l.

Key Partner is an innovation-driven, digital integrator and application management company. Our core competence is delivering solutions based on Spotfire technology with countless web and mobile solutions to complete the portfolio. Key Partner is located throughout Italy with offices in Rome, Milan, and Termoli.


INDUSTRIES: Energy, Finance, Government, Telecommunications

Kiwi Data Science logo

Kiwi Data Science

Kiwi is an Italian leader in AI-driven products and solutions for the manufacturing industry, internet-based businesses, and Industry 4.0. Kiwi's Team is composed of data scientists with sound mathematical and advanced IT and big data backgrounds. Kiwi leverages AI and advanced statistical techniques for vast amounts of data and develops solutions that allow clients to extract meaningful information and knowledge. Our purpose is to provide a complete solution to get more out of data and obtain a leading edge in the business of tomorrow.


INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Manufacturing, Software

MIA Solutions, s.r.o. logo

MIA Solutions, s.r.o.

MIA Solutions focuses on data analytics innovations and solutions based on Spotfire and supported by TIBCO Infrastructure products like Business Works or BPM. With a deep knowledge of Spotfire APIs, we are developing our own plugins and products that help our customers get more out of their analytics with Spotfire.


INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Finance, Government, Health Care, Life Science, Manufacturing, Software, Telecommunications, Retail

Microsoft Azure logo

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure enables digital transformation in the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more capability, accessibility, and scalability. Its open and flexible cloud computing platform provides customers with greater efficiency.

REGIONS: Africa, Asia/Pacific Rim, Europe, Latin America & Caribbean, Middle East, North America

INDUSTRIES: Academic, Busines Services, Energy, Insurance, Finance, Life Science, Manufacturing, Retail, Software, Telecommunications, Transport & Logistics

Net Protection Concepts International Co., Ltd. logo

Net Protection Concepts International Co., Ltd.

Net Protection Concepts International, or NPC International, is a company specializing in network security and system integration solutions that addresses business and technology problems. With several years of experience working with SOA and MFT, in particular within the financial services sector in Thailand, NPC has a reputation for driving success.

REGIONS: Asia/Pacific Rim

INDUSTRIES: Academic, Business Services, Finance, Manufacturing, Telecommunications

P&D Solutions Inc. logo

P&D Solutions Inc.

Founded in 2003, P&D Solutions is a professional services and consulting company focused on big data analytics. Our highly skilled professionals, with their exceptional understanding of Spotfire, mainly focus on consulting for business data analysis. We have more than 100 customers, including Samsung Electronics, Korea's leading company. In addition to Spotfire sales, we have deep expertise in business system construction, analysis screen development, statistical analysis services, technical support, and solution education.

REGIONS: Asia/Pacific Rim

INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Health Care, Life Science, Manufacturing, Retail, Transport & Logistics

 Training available

Precise Prediction logo

Precise Prediction (StatSoft Norway AS)

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary,   Norway AS, Precise Prediction has provided advanced IT solutions in the Nordic market since 2006. We provide expertise in machine learning, predictive models, and data management. We are the only company in Norway that solely specializes in Spotfire. Our vision is to train our customers to use the software and solutions without being dependent on consultancy for daily operations. This has led to very high customer satisfaction and low churn.


INDUSTRIES: Academic, Business Services, Energy, Finance, Manufacturing

Quantyca logo


Quantyca is a team of data engineers that operate as a natural interface between business and technology, managing and implementing the entire project lifecycle of big data and analytics initiatives. This helps customers manage and increase their data assets, organize, exploit their predictive potential, and make it available to all stakeholders.


INDUSTRIES: Energy, Finance, Insurance, Life Science, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation & Logisics

 Training available

QuinScape GmbH logo

QuinScape GmbH

QuinScape GmbH, based in Dortmund, Germany, has been a service provider for data management and data-centric applications for 20 years. Our 175 IT experts collaborate with partners on innovative projects, using leading platforms to create value and impact for our customers. Our holistic approach supports our customers throughout their data architecture initiatives, including data management, integration, virtualization, business intelligence, application integration, and advanced analytics such as reporting, dashboards, and machine learning.


INDUSTRIES: Business Services,Health Care, Life Science, Manufacturing

Quintus Consultants B.V. logo

Quintus Consultants B.V.

Quintus is an international company with offices in the Netherlands and the United States. We advise and deliver business intelligence solutions for companies worldwide. Our solutions are focused on standard software such as Spotfire and are used by many organizations to stay informed and to make crucial, strategic decisions.


INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Energy, Health Care, Life Science, Manufacturing, Software

 Training available

Resolute Consulting Group, LLC logo

Resolute Consulting Group, LLC

Resolute Consulting Group, or RCG, is a full-service IT and analytics consultancy specializing in data transformation, virtualization, and analytics. With our deep understanding of IT and application development, as well as expertise in business, infrastructure, cloud, and integration, we provide a rare culmination of IT and business prowess. This combination enabled RCG to rapidly develop into a multi-million dollar services and licensing company serving customers in multiple countries and industries such as manufacturing, media, commodities, and logistics.

REGIONS: North America

INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Energy, Finance, Manufacturing

Sage IT, Inc. logo

Sage IT, Inc.

Sage IT, headquartered in Frisco, Texas, USA, is a business technology company providing a comprehensive range of IT products, solutions, and services for businesses in the USA, India, and the UK since 2003. At Sage IT, we provide a world-class system of integration, analytics, cloud and mobility products, solutions, and consulting services to businesses and empower them to respond quickly and intuitively to ever-changing market dynamics.

REGIONS: North America

INDUSTRIES: Business Service, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Life Science, Manufacturing, Software, Telecommunications

SDG Group UK&I LTD logo


SDG Group UK, part of SDG Group, is one of the world's leading and fastest-growing technology consulting firms. With in-depth expertise in manufacturing, retail, logistics, finance, pharma, and utilities, we empower companies to become data-driven. Our enterprise solutions focus on modern data architecture, data governance, BI, and advanced analytics. Our ethos is to build close working relationships to understand your business and technical challenges and to design, develop, implement, and support innovative solutions to digitally transform your business.


INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Consumer Packaged Goods, Energy, Finance, Insurance, Health Care, Life Science, Retail, Manufacturing, Software, Telecommunications

StatSoft Europe GmbH logo

StatSoft Europe GmbH

StatSoft Europe is a Spotfire partner serving the European market. 360° services are offered as part of analytics projects, ranging from the selection of suitable data and methods for statistics, data mining, predictive analytics, and quality assurance to the implementation of automated solutions and training.


INDUSTRIES: Academic, Business Services, Energy, Government, Finance, Insurance, Health Care, Life Science, Manufacturing

 Training available

StatSoft Hungary logo

StatSoft Hungary

StatSoft Hungary is a Spotfire partner mainly for Spotfire Data Science and Spotfire Statistica curated to Hungary. As a Statistica reseller in Hungary and many neighboring European countries for more than 20 years, we offer licenses, technical support, consulting, and training services for our customers.


INDUSTRIES: Academic, Business Services, Energy, Government, Finance, Insurance, Health Care, Life Science, Manufacturing

 Training available

StatSoft Polska logo

StatSoft Polska

StatSoft Polska is a valued distributor, consulting, and technology partner serving customers in Poland as well as other countries. We offer a full range of services for prospects and users including licenses, technical support, custom developments, consulting, and training services for our customers.


INDUSTRIES: Academic, Business Services, Energy, Government, Finance, Insurance, Health Care, Life Science, Manufacturing

 Training available

Syntelli Solutions Inc logo

Syntelli Solutions Inc

Syntelli Solutions Inc. is a data analytics consulting firm headquartered in Charlotte, NC, USA. 'Syntelli' means "SYNchronizing InTELLIgence with Data." We empower our clients to intelligently measure, analyze, and manage all data resulting in benefits such as increased growth, competitiveness, faster decision-making, and predictive insights. Syntelli's vast experience with key partners provides a seamless solution that enables you to access and utilize data intelligently, across all lines of business.

REGIONS: North America

INDUSTRIES: Energy, Finance, Insurance, Health Care, Life Science, Manufacturing, Telecommunications.

 Training available

Visagio logo


Visagio is a management consultancy focused on diagnosis, strategy design, and organizational improvement. We provide support to implement and operationalize defined solutions through consultancy, interim management, technology, and analytics services. We have a global footprint with offices in Australia, England, and Brazil. Our business model is based on the concept of management engineering, applied through our central areas of expertise in supply chain, operations, administration, finance, people/performance, interim management, and technology.

REGIONS: Asia/Pacific Rim

INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Energy, Finance, Manufacturing, Software, Transport & Logistics

 Training available

Yael Software & Systems Limited logo

Yael Software & Systems Limited

The Yael Group is one of the leading IT groups in Israel. We specialize in technology-based business solutions and perform the implementation and integration of a wide range of world-leading software and hardware products. We have expertise in ERP, CRM, BI and analytics, cloud, digital, financial, and content management solutions––in addition to Yael's extensive experience in providing outsourcing, consultation, and training services.

REGIONS: Middle East

INDUSTRIES: Business Services, Finance, Insurance, Government, Health Care, Manufacturing, Software, Retail, Telecommunications, Transport & Logistics

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