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ISTAT maximizes data value with TIBCO

The Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) produces official statistics for Italian citizens and policymakers, aiding decisions on industrial production, employment, gross domestic product, and the recent pandemic. The company's modernization program works to increase the quality of public information while improving the institute's efficiency.


“ISTAT wanted to implement new strategies to better meet its mission "... to serve the community by producing and communicating high-quality statistical information, analyses, and forecasts in accordance with the strictest ethical principles and most up-to-date scientific standards." It needed a solution that would guarantee security and monitor the confidentiality of data from across Italy, including for individuals and households, businesses, public institutions, farms, and nonprofit institutions.

The solution also needed to enable expert users to build dashboards, monitor KPIs, and publish reports for in-depth analyses while allowing less experienced users to search for data summaries and trends and ultimately help guide policy and decision-making.


To start this initiative, ISTAT started a transformation program to leverage its enormous amounts of data. It wanted to make sure the new platform was agile and suited for all business users while still secure, according to users’ classification.

With the TIBCO Spotfire platform, and by working with other departments to consolidate and validate data, ISTAT started its Integrated Registry System to easily spark insights from complex data. The Registry Analytics Framework (RAF) uses output from the Integrated Registry System to streamline data use and easily represent all data for access by all kinds of users.


Since implementing the new platform, ISTAT synthesized complex data into usable information for all business users. Each user is granted access only to the details they need, guaranteeing privacy and compliance. According to Massimo Fedeli, CIO of ISTAT, "TIBCO provides certainty, security, and solidity to ISTAT data."

ISTAT employees working on the project and in other departments recognize the platform as an accelerator for transformation. All public administrators can now share data with each other, increasing cross-department collaboration.

TIBCO's solutions have allowed ISTAT to optimize its data into advanced graphical and geographic representations, increasing usability and data-driven insights. Stats can be immediately and easily interpreted, even in cases of large data volumes or information complexity.

Looking to the future, ISTAT plans to continue using TIBCO solutions to help other institutions, like Italy's Higher Institution of Health (Istituto Superiore della Sanità), make data-driven decisions. Thanks to TIBCO, ISTAT approaches data in a new way strategizing statistical information to measure increasingly complex events in different areas.


users that could easily use the platform

TIBCO provides certainty, security, and solidity to ISTAT data.

Massimo Fedeli


Founded in 1926, the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) needed to enable expert users in guaranteeing security and monitoring confidentiality of data across Italy.

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