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Clear differentiators, understanding of cause and effect, enterprise mobilization


“Our customer experience (CX) orchestration platform gives clients four capabilities,” explains Paul Cole, president of inQuba America. “They’re able to listen to the voice of the customer, learn what customers are saying about them, share that information internally, and then engage with the customer to close the loop. “Most people would say that competing on price and products will run its course eventually, and that it is customer experience that is becoming a very big strategic differentiator. It comes down to your ability to relate and connect with your customers. We looked at the market, saw there were lots of piece parts, and came up with a single, fully integrated, end-to-end architecture providing those four capabilities. We wanted to grab a window of opportunity we saw in the marketplace.”


“We decided to take advantage of best-of-breed components that would help us get there faster. If we attempted to develop everything ourselves, we might have missed some of that window. “Because we wanted an end-to-end architecture, Single Sign-on was critical. The solution had to be easy to use for both end users and our developers. We wanted embedded BI capabilities so we could easily drill down into the data and also efficiently distribute compelling data visualization reports across the enterprise. We needed interoperability with other systems, APIs, and third-party products like, or other CRM or workflow systems, as well as the ability to exchange data with clients’ core operational and financial systems. We also needed the ability to integrate both structured and unstructured information coming from the web, voice-to-text, and our triggered surveys. “The partnership with TIBCO goes back to our founding. We used TIBCO BusinessWorks to integrate client data with our hosted services. We selected TIBCO Spotfire® for analytics, and TIBCO Jaspersoft® for embedded BI and reporting. TIBCO fit into our architecture very successfully.”


Clear differentiators

“CX orchestration has become very fashionable, and for the right reasons. You have to do a good job of nurturing your customers if you want to grow profitably. We think inQuba has some very simple, but profound differences . . .

“One is the way the platform and data model are architected. Everything we capture, interpret, and distribute is anchored in the context of the customer’s journey, and we can personalize interactions against that context. Second, our end-to-end integration with Single Sign-on lets users securely and seamlessly navigate between modules. That seamless experience helps them better understand what they need to do to improve the relationship with their customers. In contrast, many of our competitors have multiple products that you log in and out of. Third, our functionality enables clients to gather feedback and take action to drive and improve performance. TIBCO products help enable that robust functionality and help drive our competitive advantage for our clients’ success. They provide a robust, user friendly, analytic approach that doesn’t require tremendous development and therefore helps us accelerate value.”

Understanding of cause and effect

“We analyze for cause and effect so clients understand what moves the needle in terms of experience and loyalty. Using Jaspersoft, we present that information in a very compelling format for driving it through the organization. Being able to understand propensity to buy, who’s going to be loyal, opportunities for greater customer retention, those are the use cases inQuba addresses with enablement from Spotfire.

“Our clients are embracing the platform to acquire customers more efficiently, develop those relationships so they’re more profitable, and maintain loyalty. To understand how well they’re doing against those objectives, they monitor how easy they are to do business with, customer satisfaction, and Net Promoter Score (NPS), which relates to how likely a customer is to recommend them. We use Spotfire so they can ask and answer questions such as: ‘If I make investments in improving customer perception of my communication, will that move the needle on NPS, create greater stickiness, and ultimately keep them more loyal?’”

Enterprise mobilization

“We work with our clients to mobilize the entire enterprise around the customer experience. For example, we help a very well respected mobile carrier client push detailed feedback to the front line on a daily basis. The teams hear positive and negative customer feedback and apply those learnings to demonstrate the kind of empathy necessary to gain customer trust and loyalty.”


“We aspire to be a big global provider of customer experience software and services,” concludes Cole. “Customers are recognizing us as vastly more sophisticated than our competitors in both our CX and the solutions we deliver, so I think we are on our way.”


Profound differentiators based on TIBCO

Our functionality enables clients to gather feedback and take action to drive and improve performance. TIBCO products support that robust functionality and help drive our competitive advantage for our clients’ success.

Paul Cole
inQuba America


With the vast set of customer data that inQuba gathers, its software-as-a-service CX platform lets users drill down from the highest to the lowest levels of data granularity, providing an in-depth view of how customers interact with their business.

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