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Grupo Xcaret delivers eco-friendly fun with TIBCO

A 360-degree view of enterprise architecture and an all-encompassing customer experience


Grupo Xcaret's "all-fun inclusive" approach lets visitors move freely between its hotel, parks, and restaurants. To provide the best customer experience possible, the company wanted a similar all-inclusive approach for resort system data.


Integrating Grupo Xcaret's systems to provide a seamlessly integrated visitor experience—from transportation and lodging to dining and entertainment—was made possible with the help of TIBCO Cloud Integration and other TIBCO solutions.


A 360-degree view of the enterprise architecture

Before TIBCO, Grupo Xcaret didn't have solid governance of its application ecosystem. The amount and diversity of data was becoming too difficult to process, so the company sought out a way to merge its data and gain a broader view of its ecosystem.

Thanks to broad compatibility, the company knew TIBCO was the solution to connect all of its systems and applications. "TIBCO fits perfectly in our ecosystem because it is agnostic and robust. It connects all our applications like SAP, Salesforce, Opera, all of them," said Fabrizio Pucciariello, system architect manager.

Grupo Xcaret uses several TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud solutions. Thanks to its cloud-native architecture, TIBCO Spotfire analytics allows everyone to access information. "TIBCO Spotfire software in the cloud is the best way to democratize our information, our data, and give access to everyone in the company,” said Pucciariello.

An all-encompassing customer experience

With the motto “Happy People, Happy Planet," Grupo Xcaret uses TIBCO to provide the best customer experience to visitors while keeping sustainability and the natural surroundings of its resort a top priority. TIBCO Streaming event processing software is helping the resort understand more about its customers, which allows making personalized offers to guests based on their interests and location. TIBCO takes care of the complicated IT processes, while Grupo Xcaret focuses on making people, and the planet, happy.

A major goal that TIBCO is assisting with is the transition to a more real-time, analytic approach. “We want to know what our customers are doing and help them while they're in our parks. We want to make their time as easy and happy as possible," said Pucciariello.

"Having one solution allows good governance and control. We have a single view of governance, and a team to manage all of our solutions, all of our use cases. With TIBCO technology, the sky is the limit. We have a lot of things to do, and our only limit is our imagination."


reduction in data errors

With TIBCO technology, the sky is the limit. We have a lot of things to do, and our only limit is our imagination.

Fabrizio Pucciariello
System Architect Manager
Grupo Xcaret

Grupo Xcaret

To provide the best customer experience at its resorts, Grupo Xcaret needed an all-inclusive approach for system data.

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