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Easy to use analytics for multiple use cases and user types


The IT Department had two challenges. The first was developing a smart factory as part of its Industry 4.0 landmark initiative, which required using analytics and statistical analysis to make sense of a big data environment. The second was evolving its analytics infrastructure to better match the company's goals for improving performance and user-friendliness. In technical terms, it needed an analytics platform to enable the business to access and analyze all its data and allow the data scientists to embed R models for deeper analysis of its big data lake. The platform had to run on-premises and in the cloud.


Brembo's criteria for vendor evaluation included how well the tool suited the business as well as its performance and openness to new technology, such as integrating a new statistical language.

Brembo chose TIBCO Spotfire® analytics for its ease of use, ability to address all of the company's requirements, and suitability for teams across the organization. The company wouldn't have gone with a tool unless it could be used for more than just manufacturing processes.

"With Spotfire, we are able to discover and rationalize a lot of information that was otherwise not possible," said Paolo Crovetti, chief information officer.


Adaptable to many use cases

One significant requirement set by Brembo was to be able to use the tool for manufacturing as well as process optimization control, purchasing, quality control, and R&D. The Spotfire® platform has been used across the organization.

Spotfire analytics is used by Brembo’s manufacturing department for clustering cooling curves of its aluminum foundry and for predictive maintenance and lifespan prediction of machine tools. The advanced R&D department used the platform to develop KPIs for noise analysis and testing.

"We are collecting data and showing the reality and life of our machine tools. For operators, it's very useful to understand which tools need to be changed," said Crovetti.

Easy to use by many user types

Reports can be both created and used by business users, data administrators, and others, without involving the IT department. Data administrators can group and organize information, making it available to business users, who can then access data groups and organize the data they need. They can also quickly build compelling visualizations and dashboards, accessing the data they need when they need it.

"When we choose a toolset, we use a 360-degree approach for adopting it across the organization," said Crovetti.


The Spotfire system will be used across the organization for new projects, allowing users to monitor production and understand all the information affecting both manufacturing process and the supply chain.

revenue increase

With improved production efficiency

Spotfire became a new standard for analytics at the Brembo Group.

Paolo Crovetti
Chief Information Officer
Brembo Group


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