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Algar Telecom didn't have a strong, centralized BI pratice. With each department using a different analytics and reporting tool and responsible for their own ad-hoc analysis, employees began to disagree about data accuracy. Each department could calculate the "same" KPI in different ways using different data or calculation methods.

The many disparate analytics and reporting systems led to increased costs and decreased productivity with employees having to navigate different tools for different departments. Without a single source for enterprise-wide analytics and insights, it was difficult to provide data to other departments and make data-driven decisions.

The telco needed a centralized view of KPIs and analytics to enable clear communication among stakeholders and empower employees to make better decisions. It began planning a center of data excellence for applying visual analytics to fuel better business results based on trusted information.


Algar turned to TIBCO for a powerful, user-friendly solution. It deployed TIBCO Spotfire software and started migrating data and building new analytics with this unified tool. Through the process, the company created the Center of Excellence in Analytics to solve business problems in an organized and controlled manner with information about both the business and technology impact.

Spotfire visual analytics provides advanced support for geoanalytics and visual exploration. Employees now use data to resolve key metrics like client behavior and available network capacity.


Through their Spotfire software-based Center of Excellence in Analytics, business users in each department including Operations, Sales, and others, now interact, collaborate, and unlock the power of data to make data-driven decisions.

Employees have confidence in the data and the metrics they calculate using one advanced analytics tool. With increased confidence, they use data more often to inform business decisions and often engage the analytics team to investigate critical situations.

By making more effective decisions, Algar is boosting its service quality, reducing churn, and optimizing key investments including network infrastructure. Users can drive better decisions about resource capacity, usage, and demand. Using geographical reference visualizations, the company now understands where to invest in network infrastructure to make sure customers are connected wherever they go.

Because employees can now easily analyze customer behavior, they can design and offer more customized and personalized products and services, improving customer relations. By clustering customers according to behavior patterns, Algar can design service plans that better fit their needs and lead to higher customer satisfaction. Additionally, the platform provides analysis on marketing initiatives and audience targeting.

With Spotfire analytics, Algar Telecom enabled a growing data-centered culture, reached more customers and delighted them, improved network operations—and most importantly, kept Brazil connected. Looking to the future, the telco plans to normalize more data to further increase the power of its analytics platform via TIBCO's data virtualization solution.

According to Wendel de Melo Vicente, director of technology and networks, "Algar's Center of Excellence in Analytics is revolutionizing the way we do business. We've exceeded our maturity benchmarks and increased analytics capabilities across the company."


decision-making on resource capacity, usage, and demand production

Algar's Center of Excellence in Analytics is revolutionizing the way we do business. We've exceeded our maturity benchmarks and increased analytics capabilities across the company.

Wendel De Melo Vicente
Director of Technology and Networks
Algar Telecom

Algar Telecom

In Brazil, Algar Telecom wanted the improved solutions it could attain from highly trusted business intelligence and reporting.

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