Demo gallery

Supply Chain for Warehouse

Demo shows a warehouse layout with stock allocations, capacity, and rotation data. Also includes put missions for receiving stock into the warehouse and allocating to storage, and pick missions for sending stock outwards to stores.

Supply Chain Inventory for Distribution Centers

Shows an analysis of inventory levels in distribution centers and stores across a retail environment for a variety of SKUs. Includes modelling of Economic Order Quantity and Safety Stock levels, as well as in Inventory Simulation for promotions.

Cyber Security Anomaly Detection

Combine the powers of Python, deep learning models, and data exploration to identify anomalies and detect complex cyber threats in log data.

Forecasting Energy Consumption and Generation

Forecasting energy consumption and generation is critical to energy management and planning. It involves predicting the future demand for energy based on historical data, environmental factors, and other relevant variables.

Hospital Management

Hospitals are complex organizations to manage due to the large amount of data about patients and diverse management processes.

Pro Basketball Draft Analyzer

Explore prospects' strengths and find the NBA players with the most similar profiles

Well Completion Surveillance

Examine and monitor real-time completion data streamed live from a well pad

People Analytics

Analyze HR content coming out of Workday

Anomaly Detection for Time Series Data

Identify and cluster anomalies in multivariate signal scenarios

Statistical Process Control Monitoring

Monitor a large number of parameters leveraging Statistical Process Control

Wafermap Pattern Recognition

Identify composite patterns in industrial wafermaps

Retail Customer Analytics

Produces actionable consumer insights using sliders, filters, and visualizations

College Basketball 2022 Matchup Simulator

Identify top predictors, simulate potential matchups, and explore scenarios

Heart Disease Prevalence

Examine patient data for heart disease and correlations with other risk factors

Football Advanced Metrics

Benchmark offensive production over a historical range and compare stats

Predictive Maintenance with Weibull Curves

Explore a parametric failure model with a Weibull curve distribution

Intelligent Mining

Gather and analyze data at-rest and in-motion across an end-to-end mining cycle

Grid Performance Explorer

Explore energy demand and pricing with multi-layer geoanalytics drilldowns

Vehicle Loading and Delivery Logistics

Monitor real-time cargo unloading while recalculating route optimization

Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank Cycling Performance

View an analysis of cycling race data and performance

COVID-19 Geospatial Hotspot Identification

Lasso-select different US regions to find the biggest COVID outbreaks

Boston Airbnb Explorer

Explore property locations with dynamic filtering on an interactive map layer

Live Campaign Monitoring

Interact with live dashboards that monitor real-time customer offers

Oil Well Equipment Surveillance and Monitoring

Monitor wells for pressure spikes and current drops and adjust alert settings

Real-time Flight Tracker

Visualize flights arriving and departing from specific airports as they occur

Delivery Routes in the Bay Area

Calculate optimized driving routes between distribution and delivery

Real Estate Market Analysis

Forecast future housing prices and observe live traffic

Drive Areas

Analyze the intersection of location and demographic geometry layers

Oil & Gas Production Overview

Drill down on historical gas production in Texas wells

Streaming Car Data

Explore and compare a racecar’s real-time sensor data with historical data

Visitor Ratings at SFO Airport

Visually explore the best and worst amenities across an airport

SpotCoffee Demand Forecasting and Route Optimization

Increase revenue from product sales and reduce the costs of operations.

Plant Productivity

View Overall Equipment Effectiveness and minimize unscheduled downtime

California Drought Conditions

Gain deeper insights into California drought data

Live Wikipedia Edits

View Wikipedia edits from various countries around the world in real time

Sales and Marketing

Increase market share by identifying and targeting the highest-value customers

Price Elasticity with Wine Grapes

Interactively calculate and visualize price elasticity curves

Expense Analyzer Dashboard

Interactively explore cross-departmental expenses

Wafer Defect Analysis

Navigate root cause analysis by comparing patterns on wafers